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Protea Sconce by Kip Krieger

Here are the contents of some past issues of Tokens magazine.

Tokens No. 1, Summer 2015

Poetry by

C. Everett Cornman             Allegheny Forest 
Naw-Rúz Eve

Almaz D. Crowe                   
I ache for silence
I heard a baby scream
The Little Girl in the Big Britches

Stephen Kolter                     
From the Floor
                                                       3rd Shift

Eric C. Larson                       Existential Progress

Diane Tichenor                     Mona Mahmudnizhad

James Tichenor                    
Dry Brown Leaves
In Kyoto
Whirling Children

Paintings by

John Grauer                          Snow Out Front, oil on hardboard

                                                       A View of the Inundating Snow, oil on hardboard

Photos by

Massoud Mohadjeri             Higashiyama



Tokens No. 2, Winter 2015

Poetry by

Everett Cornman                   Haifa Bay

Almaz D. Crowe                    inspired by a girl in my history of black theater class                                                           a street in north philly

Vernyce Dannells                  Constellations

Stephen Kolter                      The Brass Section

                                                        I suppose death is like the morning

Eric C. Larson                       Design Schematics

Elinor Mattern                      Eclipse

                                                     On the Threshold

Peter E. Murphy                   The God Nobody Wanted


James Tichenor                     On the USNS Patrick May 1965 Mid-Pacific

Shayan Waseh                       Israel


Sketches by


Melanie Etemad                    prayer leaves

Roya Taheri-Mohadjeri       Sara


Music by


Nima Majzoubi &

Ian Rafalak                                  Music’s Losing Its Soul



Tokens No. 3, Summer 2016


Poetry by